Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pakistan: 23rd of March

We can see lot of emotional content on social media, national songs on TV channels and Happy Pakistan Day" SMS because history of this day is linked with 22-24 March's Lahore resolution. Which is historically wrong. Before 1957, 23rd of March was neither a "Pakistan Day" nor it was a "public holiday". Here is a brief history of 23rd of March.
First constitution was enforced on... 23rd of March and Pakistan was declared as "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" in 1956.
In 1957, 23rd of March was declared as "Republic/Constitution Day" and a public holiday was declared.
Same procedure was repeated on 23rd of March, 1958.
However, Ayub Khan declared Martial Law on midnight of 7 and 8 October 1958 and abrogated the 1956 constitution. Then it came 23rd of March, 1959, Constitution was abrogated and there was no democracy in the country and hence there was no point of having a "Republic/Constitution Day".
So, since 1959, 23rd of March has been known as "Pakistan Day" and it is linked with Lahore's gathering, 1940.
Where the point is, nothing happened exactly on the day 23rd of March, 1940. Resolution was presented by A.K Fazul ul Haq on 22nd of March and unanimously accepted on 24th of March, 1940.
We can live with the face of history shown to us but we should know THE FACT too.

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