Saturday, September 25, 2010

Martial law In Pakistan Clear Indications

Recent political activities are clearly indicating a change in govt. or even the current political system. One thing is confirmed that just like all the previous political arrangements in the history of Pakistan, Pakistan army will again be the key player. sources said either the army would take direct control or they will bring a in-house change. In either case departure of the current govt. is written. One strong scenario would be that the resolution of NO-Confidence will be submitted against the govt. Major allies of the govt. like MQM and Fazulrehamn(JUP-F) will vote in the favor of that resolution. Recent meetings between MQM and PML(N) at highest level are the clear evidence. However Nawaz Sharif may not be the head of new possible in house Govt. Despite the fact that it will be of PML(N)'s government. Chaudry Nisar would be a strong candidate. Chances of direct take over are minimum but not impossible. US govt. (which has a huge influence in Pakistan's politics as far as foreign factors are concerned) is against the direct take over however they are not in the favor of this unpopular govt. Top allegations Failed in good governance Did not do much in the flood for providing relief to the victims President's personality is a big hurdle for collecting funds for flood victims from international community. Corruptions charges Unpopular decisions which brought Pakistan in unstable state. Lets pray for our country.