Monday, August 16, 2010

Pakistan a shining Star

Pakistan is celebrating it 64th Independence day while facing terrorism and natural disasters but there are some good news as well. Pakistan is standing at 26th position economic in terms of Purchasing power. Pakistan stands at 47th position in terms of USD scale. World Bank declared Pakistan as 10th largest country in terms of economic reforms in 2005. World bank also declared Pakistan as fastest growing economy after China in 2005. Pakistan's average economic growth is better then world's average economic growth since its Independence. Pakistan's per ca-pita income increased 11 times since the time of independence(1947). World Bank and International Financial cooperation consider Pakistan's business environment then India, China and Russia including the list 181 other countries. Pakistan has 6th Largest coil mines. Below is the chart which describe the Pakistan's economic growth as compare to its Independence time.
Item 1947 2010
Steel Production 0 Ton 4.9 Million Ton
Vegetable Oil 2000 Ton 0.8 Million Ton
Sugar 10000 Ton 32 Million Ton
Cloths Production 3.5 Million Sq. Meter 670 Million Sq. Meter
Cement Plants 4 27
Production of un-ginned cotton is increased 968 time, rice increased 909 times, sugar cane increased 807 times and wheat increased 623 times as compare to time of Independence. The length of roads increased from 50 thousand and 367 kilometer to 0.2 million kilometer. The production of natural gas at this time is 3.9 million cubic while at the time of Independence there was no natural gas production in the country. Number of Hospitals and dispensaries are increased 231 and 566 times respectively. There was no professional college at the time of independence now there are 1795. There were only 2 universities at the time of independence now there are 132. Literacy rate increased from 11% to 57%. Progress in the field of telecommunication is also excellent. Earlier only 0.6 out 1000 had reach of telephone, now it is increased up-to 600 out of 1000. this ratio of equal to China and better then India. Pakistan is 4th fastest growing country in the word in terms of broadband internet. According to Global Services Location Index Pakistan ranked at 20th position in terms of providing better IT Services.

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